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TEEN-AGE ROOM - Friends of the Teen -Age Room of the library. Shown <br />Library have, as one of their projects, at one of the tables are Mrs. Marshall <br />refinished the tables and chairs in'the Muse Jr., (seated), and Mrs. Jim Carter. <br />Annual Book. Fair Assists <br />Friends Of Library Projects <br />The Friends of Nicholson Me- oomplishments have been nu <br />j morial Public Library will hold merous and varied and include <br />the organization's annual Book cooperative projects with the <br />Fain Oct. 16 on the grounds of Junior Service League, Long - <br />the library at 400 South Green view Story League, Garden <br />Street. The purpose of the book Clubs and other civic groups. <br />sale which gets under way at Since the Friends began the <br />9 a.m. is two -fold: first, to give annual Book Fair, these coop - <br />book lovers the opportunity to I erative projects have includ- <br />browse among hundreds of old ed: a remodeling project where - <br />and new books and to buy books by a business reading and spe- <br />for home libraries at extraor- cially deisgned exhibit room <br />dinary low prices; and, second, was created; refinishing of ta- <br />to raise funds for the organi- bles and chairs in the teen-age <br />zatinns' library projects. room, which was also remodel - <br />The role of the Friends or- ed; landscaping of the gar- <br />ganizati n in broadening the den area adjacent to the all - <br />public library's program of glassed front of the library's <br />service and in building its re- main reading room; framing <br />sources of library materials is of the 42 original drawings by <br />&-most important one. Its -ac- Merritt Mauzey from his <br />book entitled "011 -Field Boy;" <br />and providing the library with <br />a circulating collection of fram- <br />ed prints. <br />In addition to these cooper- <br />ative projects, the organization <br />has been the sponsor ,of library <br />related programs designed to <br />bring the world of books and <br />authors to the community. <br />Actually the Book Fair is a <br />year-round project in that books <br />are collected all during the <br />year for the once -a -year sale. <br />President E. B. Crain has stat- <br />ed that anyone wishing to con- <br />tribute books may call the li- <br />brary at 75&4252 and arrange- <br />ments will be made for a mem- <br />ber of the organization to pick <br />up the books, or the books may <br />be brought to .the library, if <br />the donor prefers. In Cr. ain's <br />words, "We have hundreds and <br />hundreds of books for sale pric- <br />ed from 10 cents up, and we <br />would like for hundreds of the <br />area's book lovers to share with <br />us the excitement of browsing <br />among these old and new books. <br />We do not guarantee any first <br />editions, but we do guarantee <br />you will find a book for your <br />special reading interest." <br />Anyone interested in becom- <br />ing a member of the Friends of <br />the Library may join the or- <br />ganization on the day of the <br />Book Fair. Mrs. Robert Spark- <br />man, chairman of the member- <br />ship committee, along with <br />members of her committee will <br />be at a table set up on the <br />library grounds. <br />PATIO AREA — E. B. Crain, president of the Friends Nicholson Memorial Library. The area was I�nd- <br />of the Library, Miss Paula Bramlette, (left), and Mrs. scaped by the Friends of the Library with the co- <br />Bluford Stinchcomb are pictured in the patio area of operation of the garden clubs. <br />OIL FIELD BOY CULLLU[ION—Marvin---colTecfion-The collection was pur- <br />Mikeska and Mrs. Marvin Whitehurst chased by the Junior Service League <br />are admirers of the .original drawings and framed by Friends of the Library. <br />