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l� <br />Q % RAILROAD COMMISSION OF TEXAS—OIL ACC 1JNTING BUREAU— INDIVIDUAL LEASE RE <br />- <br />�� U I;\•t' CN'�'1 -- --- - --- ACRES DISTRICTNAME OF FIELD <br />UUU 'Yol, 0&44, <br />--- 1�1LI,U u11F1C19 :\UD E:SS HOME OP'F10E1 ADUR .. S <br />a <br />X19. W' WELLS No. Total Total . _ __._ _.. _.,_ l;eported (tuns to <br />------ --- - Allowable <br />No. Storage � Production Pipe L1nea <br />Co[n_ Wells Barrels Oil on Hand Forecast <br />1936 well, Forecast As Per Adjustments Total Per Per N:1MF. OF GATHERER <br />Well letim Agitating Capacity of BeBlnninF S -W 2 Number <br />No. p Flowing fi I'umpinR 'I'anka on Lease of <br />Month S'\\ 2 Number Schedule (per Supplements) Allowable F. — I3 F. — B <br />Date <br />Jan. <br />Feb. <br />Mar. <br />April <br />May <br />June <br />July <br />Aug. <br />Sept. <br />Oct. <br />Nov. <br />Dec. <br />Total <br />1937 <br />Jan. <br />Feb. <br />Mar. <br />April <br />May <br />June <br />Jr.1ly <br />Aug. <br />Sept. <br />Oct. <br />Nov. <br />Dec. <br />Total <br />ItEMARKS: <br />0 <br />I <br />No. llbls. Other Total Current Month Balance <br />Dellvered I)isposltlon Oil on ------ ---- <br />To Fuel and Hand End <br />Trucks Tank of Month Over Under Over Tinder <br />Bottoms <br />1 <br />2 <br />3 <br />4 <br />G <br />10 <br />11 <br />12 <br />3 <br />373 1 <br />3 <br />4 <br />�1 J u <br />2J_3 1 <br />3 3 I f <br />., <br />3 3 l G <br />s <br />33'7 <br />2-7 V -!03S <br />1.7 <br />5 <br />'�-(sG <br />h (035 <br />'x-(00 <br />S <br />�9 6 <br />h, � �, <br />� y C', -So <br />� <br />�Z <br />r✓ 3 s'— <br />;x- ;7 s— <br />X71 4 <br />may- <br />J, <br />14 <br />3 i - <br />✓ <br />iy 8 <br />ly8 1; <br />t <br />